Another Successful VR Cinema Night at The Ring Bar in Knutsford Terrace, Kowloon

First ever, JetOne Motion brought the VR Cinema to a bar environment - The Ring which is well-known for its crossover with an e-sports interior design theme. The first show starts at 7:30pm with 30 minutes each until 9:30 for a total of 4 shows. Guests really have a great time watching the feature movies and thanks for the swivel-chair allowing 360 turn that truly escalates the entire viewing experience. Simultaneously, we also offer VR Boxing game experience and people really have a blast fighting against each other.

Here are some snapshots taken at The Ring, enjoy!

We wanna take this opportunity to thank The Ring to provide the venue for showing JetOne VR Cinema. This also sets a new trend in social entertainment and we look forward working with The Ring in the coming future.

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