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City University of Macau - School of Continuing Studies to offer JetOne Motion Virtual Reality Train

JetOne Motion is happy to partner with City University of Macau to offer our Virtual Reality Training series through its School of Continuing Studies.  Virtual Reality is clearly booming in Asia and training is the first major step to create an eco-system in Macau.  

The first course VR201 - Basic VR Application Development is intended to provide a general knowledge about making a VR application using Unity programming tool.  Participants will also get a chance to see the finishing project in action on their mobile phone.  It's fun and educational and suitable for anyone who is interested to pursue a career in VR.  VR201 will open for registration in the next few weeks, so please check back later for update.  

We intend to offer other courses in 2018, that include aviation and 360 content development, so check with us if you are Macau residents and wish to take our courses at City University.