Fly a plane and race a car in a VR simulator that feels like the real thing this summer

A visit to the JetOne Motion Asia-Pacific headquarters takes you up in the air and speeding around the streets of Hong Kong

Tucked away on the 19th floor of Century Square in Central, the JetOne Motion Asia-Pacific headquarters feels like a world away from the bustle outside. This place plays host to a range of interactive activities, from flight and racing car simulators to a variety of virtual reality (VR) experiences, and promises you a good time no matter what you choose.

In a darkened gaming area, multiple flat-screen televisions gleam under blue ambient lighting. Each set of three screens is pointed at a motorised chair, fitted with control sticks for aircraft and steering wheels for racing cars, as well as hydraulics and speakers.

The equipment may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but as soon as you settle into one of those chairs, you’ll find yourself completely transported.

The flight simulator is scarily realistic. From your position in the cockpit, you’ll see a complicated array of knobs, switches and levers staring up at you expectantly. It takes a while to understand, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll really start to feel as if you’re up in the air. The expanse of sky that stretches out in front of you stops feeling overwhelming and starts to feel relaxing. You might even feel ready to try some mid-flight manoeuvres.

For more fast-paced and thrilling action, head to the driving simulator. It will feel familiar to anyone who has ever been in a car, but the difference is that you’re the one in control this time.

Much like the plane, this is difficult at first, but takes less time to get comfortable with. It also helps that the route your car follows is an exact rendition of the Hong Kong formula E racetrack, measured and developed by JetOne Motion’s team – so you have home-court advantage. The controls are pretty user-friendly as you can set the car to automatic rather than manual drive, and the lack of real-world risks (like crashing) means stress-free cruising.

JetOne Motion has more than just simulators on offer; their VR facilities are phenomenal and they have a huge list of games to keep you entertained – more than you will be able to play in a single visit. Virtual reality may not appeal to everyone, but if you can get over the initial dizziness then prepare yourself for a really crazy experience – although you might want to pack a helmet and a nappy as horror seems to be the most popular genre.

It’s an expensive activity at HK$580 per person, but if you make a group booking the price per person will be lower. It’s the perfect place to bring a group of friends and have a ball while the parents kickback in a nearby coffee shop.

Written by YP cadets Finian Jupp and Armaan Dayal

Edited by Charlotte Ames-Ettridge

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