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It's official! JetOne Motion launches state of the art TechLab in Hong Kong

JetOne Motion is very proud to announce the successful launch of our state of the art TechLab.

Since 2013, JetOne Motion has been making great strides in the propagation and application of AR/VR technology, focusing and specializing in commercial and corporate solutions.

In the last 5 years, JetOne has made its name as it pushes into the forefront of various AR/VR technology. JetOne Motion research teams are fully dedicated in the development and the application of various technology, acquiring only the latest and best techniques and it’s effective adaptation in various business sector and areas of life.

We have started our endeavors from high end simulator and AR/VR solutions, past forward JetOne also leaped and invested into various technologies including object tracking, big data, 3D avatar mapping, LBS marketing, Interactive Wall, and most recently blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We our positioning our newly established TechLab as a premier one stop shop and a friendly hub, where guests and visitors will not only learn and be familiar about the latest technology, but most importantly users can experience and indulge using the combination of sights and senses through cutting edge AR/VR technologies and personally experience on how the technology can be applied in various commercial sector and areas of daily life.

Aside our own initiatives and research efforts, we will also be working closely with our global partners and vendors to showcase different technologies, gadgets and solutions from all over the world.

While our launch in Hong Kong marks an important milestone for JetOne Motion, we will quickly follow up this success by launching our TechLab in Macau, and we also be working with our education and incubation partners for our next TechLab location.

Recently Hong Kong is enjoying the position as an International Technology and Innovative Financial Hub (國際創新科技中心) in the world and with the launch of our new TechLab and our new business model, we look forward to contribute to Hong Kong’s growth and sustain our combined success together.