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JetOne and VirtualCyte joins Y's Men's Club Conference in Hong Kong

It is with great honor that we got invited to attend the prestigious Y's Men's Club Conference in Hong Kong. This is the very first time where all 5 branches of Y's Men's Hong Kong Club joined in an annual conference.

Kevin Chan, Co-Founder and COO of JetOne | VirtualCyte | RewardCyte got invited to join this unprecedented conference and delivered his timely speech about the big technology trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

It is so fulfilling to have the chance to share the latest technology trends with experts and professionals in all kinds of industries. We also brought up our latest idea for a O2O Blockchain Platform - VirtualCyte | RewardCyte. We wish all the best for Y's Men's Club Hong Kong and we hope keep growing together and look forward to stronger collaboration.

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Information about Y's Men International

Y’s Men International delegates were encouraged to create a new vision to realise the purpose Y's Men and solidify international friendship as we we all work together under the banner of the International President's theme, "Yes, We Can Change". The Y’s Men’s Club or Y Service Club in your area is part of a worldwide organisation that works with YMCAs for community betterment in over 60 countries and territories on all continents, offering international opportunities for contacts and projects.