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JetOne Motion Builds solid partnership with PICO

JetOne Motion have just established a solid partnership with an international leader and top VR brand PICO.

PICO has an operational reach and extensive influence to many countries all over the world. They also have the second biggest share and penetration of VR devices in China.

As a pioneering company in the industry, PICO has a unique outlook and rich experience that stems from extensive VR R&D. PICO aims to eliminate and alleviate the pain points commonly associated from the usage of typical VR products.

PICO pushes the limit of engineering by designing products that are user friendly and advances VR technology beyond the current barriers in the VR industry.

More About PICO:


Through our partnership with PICO, we aim to further increase their penetration rate in the APAC region via our tried and tested JetOne VR solutions, effective VR Training and our state of the art Techlab catered mostly to various corporate and government sectors.

Peter Yu (Left), CEO of JetOne Motion, and Hanby Han (Right), Vice President of Pico

JetOne will also spend it’s development efforts and content creation expertise that uses PICO devices as it’s foundation and is also fully optimized.

In the long run, we target to cooperate more and work together with PICO to educate the public about the proper usage of AR/VR technology via our JetOne Education and Training Programs.

Through this partnership, we hope to bring in more value and enhance PICO’s position via our corporate training and solutions. On the other hand, JetOne can ride on PICO's technology and produce higher quality contents and unique solutions  as well as the possibility to step into the China market via PICO.