JetOne Motion established partnership with Big Pictures Korea

JetOne Motion is very pleased as it enters a new partnership with Big Pictures Korea!

Big Pictures Korea is a pioneer and known name in the industry for their quality work and innovative content development. Their goal is to provide unique 3D Contents to customer based on careful planning, creative and technical skills.

Established in 2014, they are experts in the field of high end 3D contents production rendered from detailed 3D-models, high resolution VR materials. Recently they entered into the production of all-in-one professional VR Simulator with contents designed for the Work, Health and Safely area.

Their latest key training solution focuses in Construction Machines Simulator.

About Construction Machine Simulator (CMS):

The whole idea stemmed from the high accident rate at the early stage of building construction process. Big Pictures believes that a better training approach using VR simulation can significantly reduce accidents and minimize death rates.

With the comprehensive Excavator machine simulator, Big Pictures created the simulation as real as possible, taking into consideration the whole construction environment and the actual user training into a life like VR experience.

Moving forward, Big Pictures will expand further into a wide variety of machinery and constructions simulators, and also edge even closer to the big sector of “WH&S” (Work, Health and Safety).

Through our partnership, JetOne Motion will integrate Big Pictures‘s solution and production to help us expand further into the rest of the Asian market.

Big Pictures will also be one of our our key ally as we  expand into the Korean market in terms of VR Education, Solutions and Productions.

We are looking forward to our big success with our strong partnership with Big Pictures Korea.

For inquiries about Big Pictures’s products and services, please feel free to visit JetOne Motion TechLab office located in 1405, 14/F., Century Square 1 – 13 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong, or feel free to send us enquiry at