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JetOne Motion unveils groundbreaking VR training for CS, Sales and more

We are so happy to share with everyone our major breakthrough in terms of VR training.

An industry game changer is on the horizon as we unveil our newest Ground breaking VR training system for the Customer Service industry!

For the last 5 years we are working with different corporations from various industries, we had lots of inquiries on how to improve their internal training programs ranging from Sales, Customer Services, Interviews, Presentations and many other scenarios.

Most corporate trainings face the same challenges: not effective, redundant, high manpower cost, and worst, it’s BORING!

We see strong market demand, especially in the FMCG sector. Working together with our training partners and backed 6 months worth of research and extensive survey, we decided to push through with our VR training simulation program starting from CS VR training for FMCG.

Through our VR simulation training, users just need to wear our VR headset and from there we can simulate various shopping experiences from the angle of a CS.

We have recreated and simulated all the tiny details, ie. how to approach customers and potential clients, when to talk to them, how to draw their attention and interest, how to showcase your product, and of course how to convert them into paying customers.

Through our effective and realistic training simulation, we hope to equip the customer facing staffs with a good habit in taking care of customers at the right time with the right tone and most importantly we want to make this training process fun and something that they can repeat until they master the training process.

Our solutions also comes equipped with Object Tracking, which means every steps and actions the trainee performs, we can keep a record and by the end of the training, we can analyse your performance by customized KPIs, ie. eye-catching, sales tone, are you persuasive yet courteous, etc.

This is just a start of new wave of breakthrough for our VR training solutions, we target to cover other trainings regiments including Sales, Professional Services, Interviews, Speech and Presentation.

We envision and we expect that this new and revolutionary form of training will definitely be way more powerful than traditional training methods.

For more information about our CS VR, please refer to our Sales Kit, or contact us for more information.

Download CS VR Sales Kit here