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JetOne Motion/VirtualCyte and IVE enters into the 2nd year of successful partnership

JetOne Motion/VirtualCyte and Vocational Training Council (VTC) with The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) further solidify their partnership as they enter into the 2nd year of continued success and growth.

As an integral part of the VTC Group, The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education is the leading authority for quality professional and vocational education in Hong Kong.

JetOne Motion and VirtualCyte have been providing top notch training and education through various VR contents since 2016. As of October 2017, VirtualCyte provided various lectures relating to VR and advertising to over 500 IVE Students.

Moving onwards to 2018, VirtualCtye and IVE will continue the strong relationship by signing another year of VR/Advertising training which will directly benefit a new batch of 300 Students.

This marks as a great achievement to VirtualCyte, looking back when it was just a new platform a few years ago but now considered to be one of most promising pioneer in combining new technology, media and advertising.

VirtualCyte will start integrating more and more media channels and new technology into the platform, VR/360 is just the tip of the iceberg as we expect to focus more in AR Advertising and BlockChain Advertising campaigns in 2018/2019.

Mr. Peter Yu, CEO of VirtualCtye, stated  “We are very happy that VirtualCyte became one of the education authority for VR and Advertising, we want to establish a solid foundation for our younger generation and share on how all this new technologies can have a positive impact to the world, starting with new media and advertising” .