JetOne | VirtualCyte and HKMA, ventures into blockchain education

JetOne | VirtualCyte celebrates their 2nd year of partnership​ with HKMA as they continue providing quality professional virtual technology training. 

JetOne had been facilitating more than 10 classes related to AR/VR Education ranging from primary AR/VR concepts to advance development and VR filming. 

HKMA - The Hong Kong Management Association is a non-profit-making organization and aims to be the leading expert in advancing management excellence in Hong Kong and nearby regions. 

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JetOne VR courses (101-302) is one of the most advance and comprehensive VR education in Hong Kong.

Starting from August 2018  we will replicate the same success formula for blockchain training and education in collaboration with HKMA.

Our first seminar will commence on the 31st of July, featuring the topic "Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology - Disrupting the World Economy"

Summary of the event:

What is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology? How are they related to each other? Is it just a hype or a real technology that would actually disrupt the world economy? In this seminar you will hear from the pros who are actually doing it commercially and technically. They will share their invaluable experience in the field that includes business tokenization, blockchain application, ICO, crypto market analysis, and investment strategies and the latest trends. You will also see demos of various blockchain applications in action as well as the highlight of the seminar which is to show audience how to install and activate a crypto E-Wallet. As a token of participation, each audience will receive a FREE token sent to his/ her E-Wallet instantly in real-time. This is a kind of seminar you don’t wanna miss if you are curious about cryptocurrency, market trends, and blockchain technology with a unique opportunity to gain a first-hand experience with E-Wallet activation.

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We are looking forward to a new chapter and revolutionizing  blockchain education with HKMA in Hong Kong and for the rest of the world.