JetOne VR Cinema Trial Demo Was A Runaway Success at RewardCyte Party

JetOne Motion has been preparing for this big event for more than three months, and finally launched its first JetOne VR Cinema trial at RewardCyte Party on Friday night, 12th April, 2019. The entire show was about 15 minutes in length including commercials, movie trailers, and the featured movies, and scheduled for six shows in total. Due to limited space available at the venue, we only set up eight seats in total for the night. The minute it was announced the entire six shows were fully booked, and we had to extend for another three shows to cope with the crowd. Overall, JetOne VR Cinema was a runaway success and audience had an amazing time and experience. Here are some photos captured during the show:

We anticipate that VR Cinema will become a mainstream high-tech entertainment in the VR industry, and JetOne Motion has all the right elements to make it happen in a massive manner.

For more information about JetOne VR Cinema, please visit its webpage here: