Kookmin University came all the way from Korea to attend JetOne TechLab Tour

Launched in late 2018, JetOne TechLab has not only gained local market recognition but also attracted topnotch university students from Kookmin University in Korea. These students are among the brightest and smartest in the field of digital and creative technology in Kookmin University. The highlight of their trip to Hong Kong is the visit of JetOne TechLab to see where Hong Kong VR/AR technology stacks up against South Korea.

They are very pleased to see so many variety of Head Mount Displays all in one place from the popular brands such as Oculus, HTC VIVE, Samsung Gear to Eye-Tracking FOVE and ACER MR HMD. More importantly, a showdown on JetOne Motion proprietary technologies - VR Object-Tracking and VR Object-Embedding. After an hour of presentation and Q&A, the exciting part has finally arrived where they get to try different HMDs, VR/AR contents, and also our awesome full-motion simulator.

We are very grateful for having students from Kookmin University to come visit us, and wish them a wonderful time in Hong Kong.

For more information about our TechLab Tour or other related programs, please visit our website at: https://www.jetonemotion.com.hk or contact us at +852 2506-2130.