Launching JetOne VR Cinema - A New Social Experience for Movie Lovers

It's years in the making - JetOne VR Cinema is truly a one-of-its-kind combining technology, high-quality content, venue, and robust business model to finally bringing VR movies to the mass marketing. Previously, HMDs were too expensive for mass deployment until Oculus Go showed up in 2018. The synchronized viewing technology and HMD together have made VR Cinema a reality, and JetOne Motion is destined to become the first and the leader in VR Cinema industry.

Trial has already been conducted in TechLab events, and the feedbacks were amazing. Here are some snapshots taken in a couple of training events:

In the meantime, JetOne Motion is actively pursuing leading VR film production companies from around the world to explore collaboration opportunity in featuring their movies in the cinema.

For more information about JetOne VR Cinema and current collection of movies, please visit: