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Launching VirtualCyte - A new Division of JetOne Motion

We are happy to announce today that a new division - VirtualCyte is officially launched, an AV/VR advertising platform that aims to bringing an end-to-end advertising solutions to clients.  From 360 video shooting to final advertising sponsorship acquisition, our professional team is well-trainined in helping clients to achieve their desired goals in AR or VR marketing campaigns.  In addition to producing compelling AR or VR content, our proprietary object-tracking technology offers precise tracking of any intended object within an AR or VR environment making it the most powerful tracking tool on the market. Furthermore, it also provides full analytic capability that produces deep and meaningful tracking data for campaign performance analysis.

Coupling advanced proprietary object-tracking technology and field experience, VirtualCyte is the first-mover and leader in providing a total AR/VR integrated advertising solutions on the market. 

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