JetOne Motion launches its biggest summer VR campaign with CyteCoin!

JetOne Motion, the best flight and racing simulation facility and the largest VR Entertainment Arcade Center, launches its biggest summer campaign with CyteCoin!

JetOne Motion happy to offer everyone a 50% OFF CyteCoin Campaign!

Players can now take advantage of JetOne's ALL-YOU-CAN-PLAY SESSION for a massive 50% discount in our JetOne Arcade Center.

This promo includes the use of our realistic Flight simulator that will surely keep you engage and wanting more, our Race simulator that will exhilarate all your senses and all our latest and the best VR entertainment devices including Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus VR!

  • For our 15 minutes session (originally priced at HKD290), you can now avail for only 145CyteCoin (approx. HKD145)!

  • For our 30 minutes session (original priced at HKD580), you can now avail for only 290CyteCoin (approx. HKD290)!

Address: Room 1405, 14/F., Century Square, 1-13 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong

T: +852 2506-2130 | F: +852 2506 2798


For more information about JetOne Private Session Pricing:

Some tidbits about JetOne Motion -

JetOne Motion Hong Kong was founded in April 2014 and is the direct result of extensive market analysis and research in our quest to bring the best possible simulation and virtual reality experience to our customers. JetOne’s virtual reality experience is unique and unprecedented from anywhere in the world.

We took a closer look to the latest and the most cutting edge simulators in the market while working with the experts in the field and collaborating with flight schools and chief instructors. We thoroughly tweaked our simulators to bring you the next best thing to reality.

For the very first time, JetOne Motion, THE ONE and ONLY IN THE MARKET, has made it possible for its customers to experience the world's most advanced full motion simulators and virtual reality devices all situated in an elegantly designed and high-tech facility in Hong Kong.

What is CyteCoin?

CyteCoin was engineered and designed to decentralize the buying, selling, and rewarding views in VR by removing the intermediaries out of the equation. This was made possible by using CyteCoin Smart Contracts.

Where can I spend my CyteCoin?

1. JetOne - VR Centre (145CTC for 15 minutes / 290CTC for 30 minutes)

2. JetOne - VR Content Production (clients can get big discounts with CyteCoin)

3. JetOne - VR & Blockchain education course ticket (1000 CTC)

4. VirtualCyte - you can place your advertisements with CTC on VirtualCyte, a new era of digital marketing platform

5. Hong Kong Management Association - redeem HKMA discount promotion code by CyteCoin (Coming soon)

6. ToysTV - pay by token or redeem discount vouchers for exclusive toys & figures (Coming soon)

7. ZynerSoft IT Development - redeem promotion vouchers with tokens (Coming soon)

How do I get CyteCoin?

1. Register on VirtualCyte and earn 10 FREE CyteCoins! (Please follow us for more info about our ongoing CyteCoin Airdrop)

2. Users can also buy CTC from Crypto Exchange -, price at HKD1 per CyteCoin (price at 0.00045ETH at ETH price USD285) as of Aug 16, 2018

3. Users can buy CyteCoin directly from JetOne Motion Hong Kong, please Contact Us for more details.

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