Looking for a unique team building program? Look no further.  The proliferation of VR and simulation technology has enabled a whole new level of team building experience like never before.  JetOne Motion is the first and the only one on the market using advanced VR and simulation devices to engage participants in a real-life and virtual reality environment creating an unprecedented team building experience.  We have meticulously selected some of the world's proven co-op and multiplayer games to ensure participating teams are fully tested in all areas of skills, strategies, and teamwork.  Depending on the program taken, we will invite professionals in their respective fields to facilitate the exercise adding the element of sophistication and challenge.  

Even though most clients prefer to conduct their team building event in our venue, we will also accommodate special arrangement to host the event off-site anywhere within Hong Kong.   So do let us know any special requirements you may have, we will do our best to make it happen for you and your team.  Please tell us what you have in mind by filling out the Inquiry Form below we will get back to you shortly.

TB 105


This fast-pace action-packed game is designed to test each team's planning, strategy, coordination, and leadership. You will be separated into two teams with three shooters in each team in a classic standoff, and the team that gets the most points win.  There will be several rounds of shootout, so the teams could take the break time to discuss strategy with the new shooters up in the next round.  You will be moving around and dodging up and down to avoid getting shot at, so be prepared that the game is both intense and physically demanding.  


Due to the nature of this game - Player vs Player (PvP), we will be using the newest Oculus Quest which provides 6 DOF and also a dedicated empty space to allow freedom of movement during game play. 

Duration: Min 2 Hours, Half Day

# of People: Min 6, up to 30

Team Size: 3 People/Team

Language: English or Chinese 

TB 103


The wonderland is under terrorists threat.  Based on reliable intel, the terrorists have placed several bombs in different areas in the wonderland.  Your team needs to follow the leads left by the terrorists and find the bombs.  By following the leads, your team will have to overcome various challenges set up by the terrorists that included decoding the terrorists messages, cooking in the wild, driving in VR simulator, and searching for resources in the city.  

A comprehensive planning is required before taking actions.  The team has to arrive the checkpoint on time, otherwise the terrorists will have time to set up even more obstacles to hide their actual location.  Therefore, your team will never go to the control center to defuse the bombs.

Duration: Half or Full Day

# of People: Min 10

Team Size: 5 People/Team

Language: English or Chinese with English Instruction Manual

TB 101


How to beat the clock and walk away alive together

An intense and gripping game that requires the team to defuse the bomb within a duration.  Separate into 2 teams, one team is trying to read the manual on how to defuse the bomb while other team focuses on cutting the correct wire to stop the bomb from exploding.  If the wrong wire is cut, game over the team dies on site.  This is a test of team work, commuication, and your gut to play this through.   Bomb Squad is one of the most popular games on the VR game list.  

Duration: Min 2 Hours, Half or Full Day

# of People: Min 10

Team Size: 5 People/Team

Language: English or Chinese with English or Chinese User Manual

TB 104


An innovative team building exercise designed for clients who are looking for a mix of VR and non-VR activities to escalate the level of actions and adventures experience.  

The objective is to protect the city from annihilation and the team needs to find clues and vital information to prevent the city from being destroyed.  Prior to the engagement, the team will participate in a series of training to ensure each member of the team adheres to the same direction, shares the common thoughts, and gets acquainted among each other.  The goal is to create cohesiveness, communications, and team work to prevent mission failure.  

Duration: Half or Full Day

# of People: Min 10 

Team Size: 5 People/Team

Language: English or Chinese with English Teaching Materials

TB 102


VR is getting even more creative now with this latest Baking Challenge that a team of 4 working side-by-side to roll out as many cakes as possible in a fixed duration of time.  

The team will have to first select the leader who uses the VR headset to manage the entire kitchen while others use the handheld controller to drive the assembly line to ensure the ingredients are in order before putting it into the oven.  Don't let the title fool you, the game is intense and really a great test of team work, speed, coordination, and strategy.  The team that produces the largest number of cakes win.  

Duration: Min 2 Hours, Half or Full Day

# of People: Min 8

Team Size: 4 People/Team

Language: English or Chinese with English Instruction Manual


Every Team Building event will now be offered an exclusive screening of the latest VR movie as a complimentary service and it's absolutely FREE.  For more information about JetOne VR Cinema, please visit the webpage: VRCinema.  If you don't need this service, please tell our facilitator we are happy to discard it during your event.

Enjoy and don't forget to tell us what you think about the movie!