JetOne Motion is the leader in experiential training using the most advanced full-motion simulators and cutting-edge virtual reality devices providing an amazing learning experience.   Our training syllabus are meticulously designed by our professional team to offer the most up-to-date teaching materials ensuring our courses are always current with the market trend.   Whether you are looking for a team-building event for your company or an aviation training program for a career change, our courses offer the best result on the market with proven track record.

To further reach out to our customers, we are constantly on the lookout to seek partnership with leading education institutions both in Hong Kong and from abroad.  If you are operating a training related institute, please get in touch with us we would like to explore a collaboration opportunity with you in your area.

VR 102

Virtual Reality Experience Tour

Experience The Latest VR/AR Devices and Equipment


The tour allows participants to try out the latest HMDs and other cool VR equipment in our centre making it the most educational and engaging experience ever developed in the industry.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Class Size: Min 20 people

Language: English or Chinese with English Teaching Materials

VR 108

Human Resources Management in AR/VR 

Using VR as a Training Tool in Learning and Development


This course is especially designed for human resources professionals and consultants that are looking for various AR/VR solutions and technology to escalate learning and development to the next level.

Duration: 3 Hours

Class Size: Min 10 people

Language: English or Chinese with English Teaching Materials

VR 109

VR Cinema - A Disruptive Advertising Medium

Game-Changer in Marketing & Advertising


Learn how to make use of VR Cinema the technology and marketing techniques to advertise products and services in VR. We will present a few successful use cases to substantiate why VR Cinema is an awesome marketing tool.

Duration: 2 Hours

Class Size: Min 20 people

Language: English or Chinese with English Teaching Materials

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